Customise and Personalise

At Mega Glass we believe you should be able to choose products that fit your individual tastes.

Our glass products come in an unrivalled range of unique and stylish finishes, colours & designs – all you have to do is decide what you like by making some quick and simple choices.

But if you can’t find what you want anywhere on our website than contact us and see if we can help. There’s almost nothing we can’t do with glass…and we love a challenge!

We offer a full range of coloured glass so you can reflect or enhance your interior colour scheme.

Colour match
If you can’t find the colour you like in our range than we can match to any colour you want. All you have to do is send us a good colour reference.

There are two ways to do this:

Send us a colour breakdown:

  1. Find a colour reference online:
    Search online for a ‘colour reference tool’ or look on sites such as;;
  2. Identify the name of the colour or the colour breakdown and send us the information.

Send us a sample:
This works much better than simply sending us an image via email which can be very inaccurate. Find our address in the Contact section.

Whichever method you use we will try and match the colour as closely as we can. We mix our own paints and will get very close to the colour you want. However, due to the way glass is manufactured we cannot guarantee it will be a perfect match. Therefore we suggest that you order a sample and, once you are happy, then you can place your final product order. Plus we’ll refund the cost of the sample (excluding delivery) off your order.

Our glass is available in an extensive range of finishes and design options:
– Antique mirrored glass
– Gold mirror range (Classic Gold, Rose Gold)
– Tinted Mirrors (Grey, Bronze)
– Design SFX
– Tinted glass (Grey, Bronze)

Shape and size
Every home is different. That means it’s difficult to buy ‘standard size’ products that fit just the way you want them to.

That’s why we think the best way is for you to work out what you want, make some measurements and then simply enter the figures. That way, every glass product we make is bespoke and individual, made just for you.

Plus we make it as easy as possible for you with our downloadable Measuring & Fitting Guides.


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